“One breathwork session is equivalent to about 2 years of psychotherapy”



Holistic, Nurturing & Artful Healing

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Breathwork is experiential journey into yourself.  Breathwork, as an umbrella term, is simply the act of consciously controlling your own breath in a circular pattern to increase oxygen levels to enter into expanded or altered conscious states.  As we enter into these non ordinary states - our brainwaves shift from our normal every day Beata state into the expanded Alpha, Theata or Gamma states.

These expanded states of consciousness allow us to access our limbic brain and subconscious patterns to unlock repressed memories and emotions - so we can bring them into the light for resolution and integration.

Through Breathwork, we allow ourselves an exploration into our most intimate selves, to experience the full spectrum of emotions. We simply can not avoid getting to know ALL that lives inside us.  Those parts we bury and avoid also need our love and attention - so they don't continue to control our lives in ways we are not even aware of.  It is through this meeting of our most intimate selves when turning inwards, we can experience a deep, intense, emotional release.  Allowing us to tap into all the unprocessed and repressed emotions - pain, shame, grief, sadness to joy, creativity, peace and everything in between

Perth Wild Woman Photography, Boudoir in Nature

The Sacred Breath Method

There are multiple Breathwork methods being practiced all over the world.  When I began using breath as medicine for my own healing, I experienced a few different styles, some that I felt were harsh and aggressive - and did not fit with my overall goals for long term healing.  It wasn't until I worked with SBA that I found this style of Breathwork.  The Sacred Breath Method embodies everything that was important to me when journeying myself, and now I am proud to be a part of lineage that promotes an alternative approach to Breathwork.

  • Holistic - this method is a more theraputic path of breathwork that considers the long term picture of healing
  • The Nose Inhale used in this method activates the Parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore) vs Mouth Breathing which activates the Sympathetic Nervous Systems (fight or flight)
  • Safe, Ceremonial, Intentional and Artful Containers created to hold the space for you to feel fully free, encouraged and full permission to express your somatic unwinding  and emotional release in anyway that feels authentic to you (while keeping you and others safe) This means a space of non judgement to laugh, cry scream, dance, roar, tap the body, shake.  Your body's intelligence will show you how to release what needs to be released
  • Trauma Informed
  • Embodies Feminine Principle : Allowance and flow over  a push or force energy

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What does a session look like?

At this moment, as I complete my certification, breathwork sessions are offered only as 1:1 sessions. Please enquire below for all the information to be emailed out to you