Photography Sessions

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Feather & Sage

Feather & Sage Portrait studio is located beachside, Yanchep WA.  

Feather & Sage offers three types of portraiture which can be explored further below in more detail.  

All my sessions are about even more than just beautiful images.  Boudoir and Wild Woman Sessions are about self love and healing. You can read   LOVE LETTERS from past clients to get an idea of the transformations that can take place after engaging in a boudoir shoot.

A boudoir session is as much about inner work and freeing your femininity from years of self doubt and shame as it is about creating beautiful images. One day, these images will be one of the most precious things you own.  The images we create on the day will be a reminder for the rest of your life to step into your power as a woman, unapologetically.

Heart Connected Portraiture is a session style created to document love, emotions and relationships.  Whatever the occasion, of even just because, a Heart Connected Portrait session focuses on emotion invoking sessions. I only want to create images that make you feel something - a reminder of that moment in time.

Portraiture Session Options

Sensual connected Boudoir Portraits

In the boudoir portraits

Feminine Boudoir Sessions done in the studio in Yanchep. Sessions include Hair and Make-up styling.

Wild WOman Portraits

In the wild Boudoir. Step out of the studio and into nature with Pachamama. A more natural style boudoir session. Locations North of the River.

Heart Connected Portrait

Capturing your relationships and moments on location in a heartfelt portraiture session.