“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The Journey

Life is just one big journey. Ive been a photographer professionally since I was 23 years old. I always loved working with people to create beautiful images. When I started shooting boudoir photography, something that became clear almost immediately is the healing experience that would come from a shoot.

There is something about being in a safe space, allowing yourself permission to embody and explore the traits of the dark feminine energy that society prefers we suppress and ignore. The shadow side of the divine feminine - the Fearless, Powerful, Seductive, Confident and Magnetic energies being experienced during a shoot -without fear, shame or judgment creates an experiential exploration into our shadow sides.

These shadow aspects of the divine feminine must be embraced, loved and accepted as much as the Light feminine energy - Empathetic, Nourishing, Graceful, Intuitive - to feel authentic, whole and empowered. For many, this type of photoshoot is the very first time they have felt this connection to their full spectrum of feminine energy - and to me your photographer, this type of unfolding in front of my eyes is truly something I feel so honoured to hold space for.

My love of photography over the last 20 years has never gone away, but as with many things in life, I have had periods where I needed to put the camera down. For my own lessons and my own explorations. I tipped my life upside down in Dec 2014 when on a whim I left my QLD studio behind for a new life in Perth, Western Australia. I call it an intuitive nudge, a feeling. Looking back, Im actually impressed with myself that I was able to so strongly follow my intuition instead of being ruled by all the reasons I had not to go.

Since that day in 2014, I have been on a path that's taken me 10 years to unfold into what Ive built here today - and this is still unfolding as we speak into what I believe my higher purpose is here.

A trip to Peru in 2023 saw me sit with plant medicine, Ayahuasca. This journey was a real pivot point for me into finding my true self - and a journey I could talk about for hours! This healing experience led me to breathwork as a practice I wanted to continue working with in my everyday life. When I couldn't quite find the right facilitator and container to work in here in Perth that embodied what I personally was looking for, I decided to embark on some further study with Sacred Breath Academy and become that space holder for people like me. Looking for a beautiful healing container to heal in.

I am working with Photography, Breathwork, Reiki, Sound Healing and Plant medicine all in unique ways to help you open your heart, explore your inner landscape and find your own authenticity. I will continue to evolve and change as I grow and I hope you will come with me

Kellie xx